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Welcome to my blog

Hi everyone!

Just thought I'd do a little introductory 'get to know me' post and also introduce you to this section that is more of a space for my random thoughts, creative ideas and things that I am loving and want to share with you all whether it be books, clothes, make up or poetry. 

I am currently studying (BA) Photographic Arts with exactly 16 days to go until I'm finished! eek! Scary to think that I will now have to 'adult' without doing too much of a bad job at it. I love reading blogs and want to write for digital magazines because they have the more relatable blog vibe that speaks to me on a much more personal level. Digital aside, reading books has always been something I enjoyed, giving me the title of the designated household bookworm I just love how they can transport you to a different place (cheesy but true). 

I grew up being the creative one in the family, English was my best subject and choosing subjects such as Art and Textiles had my South Asian (Pakistani) parents feeling very much confused, they weren't topics that would make me a doctor after all! But despite that they have learnt to accept that I wont be saving any lives anytime soon and now are part of my group of supporters. 

That was a little more deep than expected but they are little bits of information that helped form this blog and here's to fun reading and blogging experience! Feel free to post a comment or send an email I would love to get to know you all (side note to my friends reading this, this is not an invitation to troll me through my contact section lol). 

Until next time!

P.S I LOVE BURGERS. Like seriously I would travel overseas if somebody told me they do the best burger so expect maybe a burger post or two *winks*.




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